4 Types of Emergencies

1) Things Go Wrong – This could be a minor inconvenience, but not necessarily a life threatening situation. Perhaps the power goes out for a few days or the water gets shut off. This first step is preparing yourself for 72 hours of sustainable, carefree life. I’m not talking about a bug out situation or any type of temporary evacuation. All these scenarios are just for things going wrong and you stayed put in your home. For survival here, you need at least 3-5 days of food for you and your entire family. You will also need water for drinking and for hygiene for 3-5 days. Might also be wise to have emergency blankets and some form of heat for staying warm and cooking food.

2) It’s Worse Than We Thought – This phase is where you should start to worry. That 72 hours has stretched on longer than you thought, and suddenly you find yourself cut off from government aid for anywhere from a week up to a month. As Hurricane Katrina showed us first hand, the government does not always respond quickly and it might be dangerous for you and your loved ones to rely on assistance at the federal level. You might be on your own longer than you could have possibly imagined. For this phase, you need a little skill. You can have supplies ready, but you might also feel the need to be neighborly and help out your immediate community. Survival skills will be helpful, but are not necessarily important for this temporary emergency. First aid kits, water and food, possibly weapons, and even possible evacuation may be required here. Think ahead and get a plan together.

3) Shit Really Hit The Fan – This phase is if there is some sort of infrastructure breakdown. This can include economic collapse, riots to the point of throwing the country into a temporary anarchy, foreign invasion on US soil, nuclear war, or a catastrophe so great that we will all wonder if any resemblance of “normal” civilization will return. Some form of government probably still exists, but they aren’t coming to the rescue any time soon. As most preppers and survivalists will tell you, this scenario is more of a “when” not an “if”. Should we reach this phase, assume that you are on your own. Anything you relied on prior to this disaster are now entirely up to you. You must be able to survive for an extended amount of time. You need food tucked away, but you also need measures in place for sustainable food and water. Get a typography map of your area, start a garden, maintain a small chicken coop. Stock up on weapons and ammunition, medicines, and all necessary supplies. Survival skills, CPR training, hunting abilities — basically self-reliance will ensure your survival.

4) Everlasting Wilderness – This phase is the end of all ends. The government is gone. Police and medical assistance is gone. Friendly neighbors are gone, replaced by savage wildmen who will do any and everything they possibly can to survive. At this point there’s no going back. The world as we know it has changed forever. You are completely and utterly on your own for. You must fend for yourself and your family because no one is coming to help you. The comfortable life we had no longer exists and isn’t coming back. We’re all on our own. Once we get here, all bets are off. You have to be willing to do whatever is necessary to survive. The squeamish need not apply. You might have to kill others, drink your own urine, or even migrate to an entirely new climate. It’s safe to say that even the hardest of survival experts will be pressed during this time and we are all in very, very desperate situations. Take everything you’ve prepared and learned then multiple it by 1000 to prepare for this phase. Good luck.


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