Just your average, everyday, working family man. Trying my best to secure the small piece of life I’ve carved for myself. I’ll be utilizing this blog to try and educate people on how to survive both long-term and short-term in not just cataclysmic events but in everyday life as well. I’ll be touching on survival skills, stockpiling supplies, financial security, as well as self-defense and many other things I come across in my studies. I will use this blog to teach as well as learn; I hope to provide an interactive source where people from all walks of life can share the necessary tools with each other in order to prosper and survive. Curtis Newman is not my real name. It’s an alias I’ve assumed to write this blog. The reason for this is because I will be posting personal information on this account and I don’t want to draw any unnecessary attention to myself or my family. I’ll be blogging about my survival preparedness and my personal finances and even though I’d like to believe most people are good, they aren’t. Too many folks out there will just as soon shake your hand as they would rob you at gunpoint. You can never be too careful and for that reason, I am leaving myself a bit of anonymity. I can ill afford to make an effort to stockpile money and resources for my family only to have it all taken away by a looter who didn’t prepare for ruin. I will put my heart fully into this project, but I will not fully put all of my identity into it. I think that’s only fair. I hope you enjoy what I offer. As with any blog, this is intended for entertainment purposes only. I am not offering any legal, technical, or professional advice. Misuse of any information featured on this site is the sole responsibility of the reader. I do not advocate trying anything at home unless you fully know what you are doing. I am not responsible for your actions. Nor am I responsible for any misfortune, harm, or loss of life in regards to information on this website. That being said, welcome, and I hope I can open your eyes to a thing or two.


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