Spend Money To Make Money

       First things first, and this may be the most important thing I tell you ever, so listen closely. Yes, this blog is combining survivalism with financial independence. And yes, having an emergency fund of money stashed away is important. BUT, in the event that the government collapses, what good will that money do you? Absolute Zilch is the correct answer. Money is only as good as the government backing it. Gold and silver will still probably be a commodity, but maybe not. Coins may also still be worth something, but there’s no way to accurately predict that. So before you do anything else, spend your money. Yes, that seems counter intuitive to what I am trying to do with this site. But spend your money. Spend it on supplies, on stockpiling food, on getting training for necessary survival skills. Spend it preparing yourself for a day when money won’t exist and where trading for goods or services will be the new economy. Once you have a stable survival kit and pantry together, then you save your money away. Don’t think just because you have thousands of dollars saved in the bank that you are safe. What happens if the economy collapses and the government folds, you think the FDIC is going to keep your money insured? What happens if they entire power grid goes down and the computer servers that held your account information are wiped cleaned? Always invest your money. First, in yourself: skills, classes, training, supplies, books, etc. Second, in your bank: get a savings account and stick money into it! Third, if you feel brave enough, try your hand at investing in some mutual funds, stocks, CD’s, or an IRA. Money might make the world go around now, but if the world as we know it ceases to exist, cash will no longer be king. So prepare yourself for that scenario as best you can, and then save away for a rainy day. Don’t get caught out in the cold with a fat wallet and a hungry stomach.