Reading Material

Cover of the one I own, there are other various covers as well.  Alas, Babylon  — fiction — by Pat Frank — One of the first apocalyptic nuclear war fallout books ever written, it is one of my favorite fictional survival books I’ve had the pleasure to read. Alas, Babylon tells the story of a small town in Florida and how the main character protects his wife and children against the harsh new world thrown at them after the United States is attacked by nuclear warhead armed Soviet submarines. The main character, Randy Bragg deals with nuclear fallout, long term survival, and outlaw gangs. It is a highly recommended book for entertainment purposes but also for the very valuable survival ideas and inspiration it can give you. It was published in 1959 so might be difficult to find in a typical nationwide bookstore chain. I actually purchased it for only $1 at Half Priced Books. Check it out whenever you have time to read (which should be every single day — keep learning always!)


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