Stocking Stuffers

         Christmas will be here before you know it. Generally buying presents for people is a fairly easy exercise. But filling the stocking can be difficult. It’s small and shaped awkwardly. So where can we find tiny gifts to fill this holiday tradition? Well, if you’re frugal and want to save money, you should get some free samples of everyday items and use those to fill the stocking. You can get perfume or cologne fragrance samples, handy travel items such as Emergen-C drink mixes or Shout wipes, or you can even get free food samples. These might not seem like the best ideas, but they are free and compact so you can fit them easily into the stocking. If you already have a few items for the stocking, these free samples will make nice fillers. Check out websites like or or I subscribe to several free websites and get emails once a day with all sorts of free samples. You can get coffee samples, energy drink samples, cookie samples, detergent samples, perfume samples; you name it and you can probably find it. So before you pull your hair out looking for something tiny and useful, check out what these free sample websites have to offer. But start ordering now as some companies take 6-8 weeks to deliver.